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If anybody is still looking here... I'm back from the land of no internet, I see that Luceti has moved, and I'm trying to follow. Real dehiatus is hopefully coming in another week. In the meantime, though, does anybody want to continue pre-hiatus threads? Said continuations will be on LJ, at least until I get far enough in the changeover process to import things. ... Which may be sooner than I thought. If you want to continue but wait for it to be ready on the DW side, just let me know!

ETA: This journal has been moved here!


With all this chaos, it seems like a good time to fall out, so I am dropping Akio. Later castmateys. I will be back!!!


Hey everyone.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Pascal will be heading home. I've been considering this decision for just over a month now, and while I love the Graces cast to bits, I don't have the time or drive to commit to the game full-time right now. The switchover to Dreamwidth seems like a neat and tidy time to bow out.

It's kind of awkward in that the English version of Tales of Graces f is only three months away (cheap plug), so it's entirely likely I'll fall in love with her all over again. But hell, there's always the option to re-app! I've also been looking forward to the Fourth Wall event for ages now (and was actually one of the events I was hanging around in anticipation of) so I might throw her in there too.

Anyway, Graces House will find Pascal's room is still as messy as ever, but the Malnosso have stripped it of her prototypes and anything that was actually workable.

Stay cool, Luceti, and have a happy new year!


Dec. 31st, 2011

After much consideration, along with struggling to keep alive a muse that I probably shouldn't have brought back to begin with, I've decided to drop Jacqli. She won't be leaving behind anything, aside from her turtle. Anyone is free to claim it if they want to.

I've already moved Jacqli to DW and had already added her to the add/drop list, so feel free to remove her there. I just put her down for being removed. Sorry for complicating things, mods! I probably should've thought more about what I was going to do with her before moving her.

Naturally, I'll still be in DW!Luceti with Yuri.

This drop note aside, have a happy new year, everyone.


So lately I've been losing touch with Poland here in Luceti and he'll be losing his boyfriend and plus life stuff, it all seems to add up to: maybe it is just time to drop. :(

I am honestly going to miss playing in Luceti. I apped him back because out of all the games I've ever played him in, he just meshed so well with this game! Everybody's been so awesome and thank you so much for giving me some of the best RP times I've ever had.

I'm not dropping the game completely since I will still be here with Nezumi , so it isn't like I'm letting this game go. Just Poland...:(

Okay, before I cry, let's just do the hover click or friend remove polishrule. Not that it really matters too much since we're moving dlasjlfcas.

Thanks again, Luceti. You were a blast.


And we go our separate ways

As much as this breaks my heart to do, I have to drop. I'd like to say I had a wonderful time here and thanks for all the memories, but I'm sad to say that I have to go for my own reasons. Thanks everyone for letting me be apart of a wonderful game, however this is good bye from me. Sorry for all the tags I had to drop as well, I feel really bad about it. I'm willing to continue them if you wish, but I don't know how long that will last.

Again thanks Luceti for everything and I hope you all remain awesome, maybe we'll meet again in another time and place.

Please friend remove refinedmaestro or do the hover.


hiatus → a rather fast slowatus?

So of course after everything on my end was resolved, Falkner's voice had to go ahead and vanish. And now that it's back I realize that the next few days will be a little busy as I get ready to head back to college, with repacking and hanging out with people at the last minute and stuff like that.

But everything's good now, so I should be catching back up to speed within the next week! o7 Feel free to poke at me to go tag things if you want me anywhere.

... also if you get an add on plurk from connike, that is me. I decided to switch plurks in a spur-of-the-moment decision because my old one was just insane with the name and I actually hated it but couldn't motivate myself to change.

hiatus... kind of

Just wanted to say I'll be really slow... because of many things. So yeah, I'll be on a hiatus/slowatus for about a week.


Follow up post from yesterday...

With regards to this...

Okay! It seems like everyone who is free enough to be involved has chimed in. So I'd like to ask a new question - since this is going to require a lot of mass interaction among our CR, I was thinking of putting up a mass interaction log today or tomorrow for people to start coordinating their respective freakouts. Would that be a good time for people? And, although it won't happen until the 2nd (schedule's allowing), I would like to go ahead and include the note Giles will be leaving to his and Grune's CR once he and Buffy are able to confirm that he's been somehow enscorcelled.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


WELL, it seems I completely forgot about life.

My excuse for my...two+ weeks of absense is...I kinda got dared to play through a...series of games, and get all the items...ALL THE ITEMS...in the shortest amount of time possible.

...I made it to the last stretch of the last game, and remembered life.


Now I have noticed LJ got demonized, and I have some post reading to do, I would adore some summing of it all though it someone feels nice.

I will now get back to living, and Kohaku, Eiko, and Valvatorez will start poking people again now.

And TIP:
Never ever take on that challange when said series is over three games..

A quick and dirty little player plot

All righty! Now that the three of us have been able to coordinate our schedules, I have an announcement regarding one Rupert Giles for people to take note of, starting from the 26th to...call it the 8th of January, when I'm still planning to have him mallynapped.

So, as probably all of you who knows Giles probably know, he is very good friends with one green haired lady. However, said lady is also in love with a certain tall blond angel who is rather notorious in his distrust of humans. Giles and Dhaos have been wary of one another for rather a while, now, but lately things have started to come to a head with their respective places in Grune's life. Starting in a log the three of us have up, Dhaos is finally going to get enough evidence to decide that Giles is a Bad Influence in Grune's life and do something about it.

Dhaos' idea of doing something about it involves mind control.

Now, the specifications of the spell in Tales of Phantasia are sketchy at best, so the three of us have had to patch together a great deal here.

But here is what Giles' CR, and to a limited degree villagers in general, might need to know. While this idea was chiefly inspired by and involves these three, anyone who wants to take note of the changes to Giles while he's affected should take note of the following.

Cut, because I love listsCollapse )

This is a quick plot, only going to last about two weeks and won't drastically affect most of you. I know most of us are busy either with the holidays, LJ's bullshit, or just generally enjoying the break, and this is not something that anyone really has to get involved with, even if they're CR.

However, if you'd like to do something with it, anything from having a discussion with Giles trying to find out what's happened or trying to undo the spell, here is the place to propose your ideas.

Additional note on the vampire plotCollapse )
EDIT: Okay! It seems like everyone who is free enough to be involved has chimed in. So I'd like to ask a new question - since this is going to require a lot of mass interaction among our CR, I was thinking of putting up a mass interaction log today or tomorrow for people to start coordinating their respective freakouts. Would that be a good time for people? And, although it won't happen until the 2nd (schedule's allowing), I would like to go ahead and include the note Giles will be leaving to his and Grune's CR once he and Buffy are able to confirm that he's been somehow enscorcelled. Thoughts? Suggestions?
Hey guys! Kukki here posting for Loupe, aka Master Badtouch. LJ's layout has been literally giving him migraines, and doing tags has been hell on him without double dosing on excedrin, so he's going to have to take a hiatus for about a month, or if the game moves. Until then, Van will get a taste of good old Malnosso hospitality.


I suppose I'm back now. I'll try to tag back as much as possible, but I'm one of those that gets surprise! headaches with LJ being stupid, but I can try my best.

So, Reimu and Cloche here will be returned from their mallynaps and I'll resume control over Rosa and Scully!

apologies + miscellany

So, first off, sorry for any slowness of tagging on my part, though I guess it can be assumed for nearly everyone considering the unholy combination of LJ nutbaggery and holiday hellishness going on. But I also have a freelance project to deal with that can't wait until after the holidays, sob.

Anyway! I'm sorry, and I'm sorry again! \(宜)/


I've started up the Grunette Gang! (Which has nothing at all to do with Grune, as awesome as her rack she is.) It's basically just a running list of all the green-haired people in Luceti and whether Pao-lin's threaded with them at least once. yes shut up I know Pao-lin's userhead is blonde but I still say her non-Hero hair is green, because green is fucking awesome, okay It has no real significance other than personal amusement. :Db I'm pretty sure I've gotten everyone that's still active at the moment, but if I missed someone go ahead and poke me about it so I can add them to the list.


Dec. 27th, 2011

Joining on the hiatus train here, because between LJ fuckery kicking my drive in the face, holidays, my sister being home for the holidays and wanting to spend time with her, people staying at my house, and various other things, I haven't really had the time nor inclination to tag much lately and this will probably continue for another week or so until everything goes back to normal.

So semi-hiatus for my five boys (Emil, Regal, Arumat, Richard and Jack) because while I'll be around and tagging, it'll likely be slow and spotty during that time. Apologies also for the million backtags that I owe from before the LJpocalypse; I'll be getting to all of those eventually and backtagging some stuff that I wanted to hit up too.

Slowatus because of reasons

So my laptop has a bit of a problem: namely, it has decided that it hates my wireless connection and wants nothing more to do with it. We fixed it once but it's happening again, so IDK what the problem is or how we're gonna fix it for good.

So I'll have to move my activities over to the other computers in the house that don't have all my nifty things that make RP easy; hence, a slowatus. I'll still post, but don't expect a slew of swift replies or anything until we know what the deal is. :(


So, workload is going up, and my shcedule is wonderfully messed up for at least a couple of weeks more. Thought it would be over last week, it's not, so.

I will try to tag at threads I have dangling, but I won't be hitting anything new until about the next full-moon.

This affects my only character, Jason, at dun_measure_up.

If someone has something that happened before Christmas Eve that Jason should tag, let me know, I'll look and see what I can do, but following the new moon, he's going to be moody and avoiding people. Which means wandering the woods without his journal. Or something. =/



I hate to do this. I really, really do. But it's about time I pulled off the band-aid. Litchi's going to be heading home off to join Hazama. I've had a massive amount of trouble keeping up any drive for her for several months now, and it's showing. Maybe a small break from her is what I need to get it back.

Thank you - all of you - for making her time here so much fun. She loves all of you, and has left behind little gifts (food, of course) for her closest CR. Above all, she's hoping to come back someday to see everyone again. ♥

Also, if anybody would like modship over luceti_healers, just let me know. I'd feel weird running it without Litchi ;;

Without further ado, please friend remove not_meatbuns or hover thingy.

Still here with Gambit, of course.



It is a sad day.

I fear I must drop our favorite sparkling man, Armstrong.

His muse decided to go on vacation, without notice, and left me stranded with a lack of sparkling in my life.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Love Meme, I had hoped those comments could entice my missing muse back. Sadly, it didn't work.

Now, all hope is not lost, I'll probably bring Armstrong back another cycle. But that depends on my muse.

So, while ruining the holiday season, I ask you to friend remove pose_andsparkle, or Hover and Remove.


So, I'm going on hiatus and sending Eggman on a mission. I'm going to move house soon, but before that I need a break from RP for various reasons. Eggman will leave today or maybe even a few days earlier and probably only tell Robert.

I'm going to continue with all the threads I have open right now, so it's not a proper hiatus until I move. I'd love for everyone to keep threading with me. I won't be tagging until tomorrow evening though, as Christmas has been/is hectic with family visiting and stuff.

The move is on January 9th Yes I'm moving again! And I'll be tagging fairly slow if I still have threads left by then. I'm not sure when I'll get stable Internet access, because my provider is still being an ass, but another provider is gonna set us up fast, I hope.

Eggman will return when I do, which should be a week or two after the move.


Hiatus train?

Going on hiatus (with my one guy here) as of tonight/tomorrow morning. I will be sans-internet for two-three weeks, after which I will limp back in here, or find my way over to DW, whatever you guys have decided.

With Hiccup-mun's permission, Don will be providing presumably-valuable service to the Malnosso by organizing information about the dragons of Berk. He will enjoy it immensely.

Happy New Year to all, and see you in 2012!



Well, there is snow up north and that means we are packing up and going snowboarding for a week. Turns out we are staying at our friends' ancient farmhouse, which has no Internet. At this point, though, that might be a good thing. I think I need a break from LJ. Their changes have not crippled my RP drive but have destroyed my ability to play, what with not being able to load posts or threads properly and all.

Jack Sparrow will not be missioning or mallynapping: this time, he and Buffy Summers will be taking a vacation to the hot springs for the week. Feel free to have your character informed of this trip if they are close CR. Norrington may very well get saddled with Hector-watching duties for the duration.

I'll be importing Jack's journal today (or at least throwing it in queue) to all7seas at DW. His alt/icon journals will be apirateslife and krakensnack. My personal journal there, once more, is bricks_and_bones. I will not be contact-able for the upcoming week. I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year and I look forward to playing with y'all when I get back. I will definitely try to hit up the love meme at some point today, probably to procrastinate packing. XD





Back from my short hiatus and ready to do this tagging thing! I'll be catching up on all my backdated tags so if there's something I missed, please tell me!


So I should probably put Tamaki on hiatus for a couple of weeks. I've kind of been having an RP burn out for the past couple of days and I think a break is necessary to get my drive back to where it should be. It doesn't really help that holidays are always extremely stressful times for me so once the stress of dealing with family is over with I should be that much closer to feeling ready to tag again.

So, uh, yeah! I will see you all later!


Hiatus desu.

Probably should have posted this awhile ago since I was kind of unofficially on Hiatus since the first week of December. |D Buuut yeah. Just going to make it official, due to some burn-out that isn't being helped by the LJ-fail.

Ion and Kari will both be around doing their usual routine. If there's something that really needs to be tagged, throw it at me. Otherwise, I'll probably be not-here and/or glacially slow at least until the new year. |D


Slowatus/Hiatus until ... let's say around January 2nd or so. Not only am I getting some minor headaches lately (HMMM, I WONDER WHY ...), I also want to relax with family and friends over the holidays without having to really think much about RP - or LJ, for that matter. S-sob LJ, why did you have to pull this silliness right around the time I was going to have BV recruitment opened ...

I'll be around on Plurk, Skype, and probably AIM too, and I will try to get through any tags I've still got going on, but I'll be molasses-slow.

In the mean time, happy holidays everyone. I hope you're all enjoying yourselves.
Hiatusing for a couple of weeks due to the comment page fuckery + vision problems, computer access bullshit and general aggravation/motivation issues. Mewtwo is retroactively sent to the mountains as of...let's say the 20th. I'll be back when some kind of verdict is reached about the whole LJ....thing.

Back in business~

Looks like my slowatus turned into a straight-up hiatus XD Well, at any rate, I'll be easing back into the game now that I'm on break for the holidays.

I do think I'm going to try and cut down on the number of threads I've got because I have a number of writing projects I'd like to work on, so I'll be dropping some of the old-enough-to-be-irrelevant ones and not tagging as frequently. If there is something that's come up recently that you'd really like me to reply to, please let me know here so I can get to it right away.


Weekday-iatus? (Not legit hiatus :| )

I have no idea what to call this. But it's something like a "weekday"-iatus.

I apologize for not tagging back very quickly as of late. My current school schedule has me waking up before the birds and going to sleep before the news even finishes at night. With homework, a 3 hour commute, and class sprinkled in between, I have no time to tag pretty much between Mon-Thurs. SO! This is heads up of my slowness.

This is NOT a formal hiatus as I am still very much around on most weekends and the occasional weekday when my teacher is merciful on the homework load (which has yet to be seen). BUT. Don't anticipate tags from Alistair dearest on the weekdays. That's all.

TL;DR : Not a hiatus but Alistair won't be around on WEEKDAYS. This will at least last until March. My humble apologies.

Now then, to those tags I owe! Oh, and! Happy Holidays. :D?